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SignalShark Firmware

SignalShark firmware and system update and Narda MapTools

A firmware update brings the SignalShark application up to the latest state but does not change the SignalShark operating system.

The latest version of the SignalShark firmware (Application Version) is:

Requirement: Operating system version V2.0.6 or above

If you have operating system version V2.0.5 or earlier, a complete system update will be required in order to use the new firmware (see below).

The exact content of this version is described in the ReadMe file (included in the ZIP archive).

Warning: Downgrading to a previous firmware version is no longer possible after you have installed this firmware.

ATTENTION: After installing this firmware, a downgrade to an earlier firmware version is not possible.

SignalShark Firmware Update Package

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Latest version:
Publication date: 12.2019

SignalShark System Update

A system update updates the SignalShark’s operating system and firmware. You should only perform a system update if this is necessary in order to update the firmware. Any options must be re-installed following a system update.

You can find more information about this in the document SignalShark-System-Update-ReadMe

The latest version of the operating system is: V2.0.7

SignalShark System Update Package

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Latest version: OS:2.0.7 FW:1.5.0
Publication date: 12.2019

Narda MapTools

Narda MapTools is used to download Open Street Maps for use with SignalShark and IDA products. The latest version is found here:

NardaMap Tools SignalShark

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Latest version: V2.0.1
Publication date: 04.2019

SignalShark Finder

SignalShark Finder can be used to search a given network for connected SignalShark devices. Besides IP and MAC address, information about the firmware version, the device name and the serial number of the SignalShark available in the network is listed. This information can be copied to the clipboard for further use in other programs. The tool also allows easy connection to a SignalShark via remote desktop.

SignalShark Finder

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Latest version:
Publication date: 02.2020