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SignalShark Firmware

All the information about determining the firmware version installed on your device and how to perform an update is found in the document “ME-E0341B SignalShark-System-Update-ReadMe.pdf

After installing this firmware, a downgrade to an earlier firmware version is not possible. The firmware requires Operating System version 2.0.6 or higher. If a device still has an older version, please install the System Update Package 2.0.7 with firmware version 1.3.0 first. Then the firmware 1.3.2. has to be installed.

The exact content of this version is described in the ReadMe (included in the zip file).

SignalShark Firmware Update Package

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Latest version:
Publication date: 08.2019

SignalShark System Update Package

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Latest version: OS:2.0.7 FW:1.3.0
Publication date: 03.2019

NardaMap Tools SignalShark

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Latest version: V2.0.1
Publication date: 04.2019