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SignalShark Firmware

SignalShark Firmware- und Systemupdate sowie Narda MapTools

A firmware update updates the SignalShark application, leaving the SignalShark operating system untouched.

Current Version SignalShark Firmware (Application Version):

Prerequisite: Operation System Version V2.0.6 or higher.

If Operation System version V2.0.5 or older is available, a complete system update must be performed,
to use the new firmware. (see below)

The exact content of this version is described in the ReadMe (included in the zip file).

ATTENTION: After installing this firmware, a downgrade to an earlier firmware version is not possible.

SignalShark Firmware Update Package

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Latest version:
Publication date: 12.2019

SignalShark System Update

The system update updates the operating system (Operation System) and the firmware of the SignalShark. The system update should only be performed if this is a prerequisite for a firmware update. After a system update, options must be reinstalled.

Further information can be found in the document "SignalShark-Quick-Guide-pdf".

Current version Operation System: V2.0.7

SignalShark System Update Package

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Latest version: OS:2.0.7 FW:1.5.1
Publication date: 12.2019

Narda MapTools

Narda MapTools is used to download "Open Street Maps" for use on SignalShark and IDA products. Here you can find the current version:

NardaMap Tools SignalShark

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Latest version: V2.0.1
Publication date: 04.2019