Narda - Safety Test Solutions


EFA-TS Remote control and data analysis software for EFA-200/-300

  • Convenient offline analysis of measurement results
  • Download all saved measurement data from EFA-200/-300 to a PC
  • Graphical display of sequences of measured values
  • Copy & paste functionality in MS Office
  • PC optimized user interface for remote control of EFA-200/-300
  • Switch between different display types during a measurement
  • 3D representation for dot matrix measurement results
  • Timer controlled measurements with PC
  • Save measurement results direct to PC
  • Convenient export of data in .txt and MS Office formats

EFA-200/-300 Firmware

More information on installing the EFA-200/-300 Firmware can be found in section 10.2.3 of the operating manual supplied with the device.


The EFA-200/-300 Tools PC software is included with the EFA. It consists of three components:


  • Exports the measurement data from the basic unit or E field meter to a PC for further evaluation.


  • Transfers the selectable standards to the basic unit or E field meter; now including ICNIRP 2010.


  • Loads the latest Firmware to the basic unit or E field meter. Allows enabling of additional operating modes on the basic unit or E field meter.