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Configurator area monitor PC-Software

NardaAMInstaller replace this old NardaConfigurator

The configuration wizard  help you to configure all AMB-8059 and AMS-8061 field monitoring stations:

  • Auto-detect the connection of the station to the PC by RS232, fibre optic or USB
  • Check the status of battery and the version of the FW
  • Choice of the connection mode and configuration (modem or Wifi)
  • Make sure that internet connection (PC side) is established
  • Send the demo credentials for FTP connection  
  • Configure the clock
  • Configure the security settings
  • Allows to check log files or identify errors during the configuration

NardaAMInstaller (replace the NardaConfigurator)

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Latest version : 17
Publication date : 09-2021
Video Description AMInstaller

AMS-8061 PC-Software

The PC software enables communication with all AMS-8061 field monitoring stations:

  • Read, edit and transmit all measurement settings and communications rules
  • Select and download recorded data, manually or automatically
  • Receive warnings and alarms
  • Save and print data or export it in ASCII format
  • Display data as graphics or tables
  • Update the firmware at last release

Communications take place via GSM point to point , or FTP or locally via USB,RS232. A data integrity check and access using a double password ensure reliability and security. A calendar-type display allows simple selection of the period for which data is to be analyzed. Zoom, marker and other common functions make data easier to read. Measurement results that are obtained during device communication via modem are clearly marked so they can be excluded from the evaluations.

AMS-8061 PC-Software

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Latest version : 1.37
Publication date : 09-2021

AMS-8063 PC-Software

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Latest version : 1.23
Publication date : 07-2020