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A/D Probe Converter

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With the A/D Probe Converter it is possible to use NBM probes in conjunction with the FieldMan. The A/D Probe Converter is connected as an interface between the probe and the FieldMan. The signal of the analog NBM probe is converted into digital information and forwarded to the FieldMan. There is no probe limitation. The existing NBM probes can be used with the FieldMan through the A/D Probe Converter. Alternatively, NBM probes can also be connected to the Digital Broadband Probe Repeater by means of the A/D Probe Converter.

  • Very little influence on the measurement result
  • The majority of the FieldMan product portfolio can be used
  • Compatible with the Digital Broadband Probe Repeater
  • Automatic offset correction from -20 °C to +50 °C
  • Each A/D Probe Converter is delivered with a CAL certificate

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