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SignalShark® - The Monitoring Receiver for spectrum monitoring

Highly sensitive receiver that fully deserves the designation HDR (high dynamic range) thanks to its excellent intermodulation immunity.

SignalShark -
The Monitoring Receiver


Very low 2nd and 3rd order intermodulation thanks to the sub octave preselector and high immunity to large signals.

Two digital down converters (DDCs), ideal for simultaneous measurement and demodulation.  Built in demodulators allow you to listen in via loudspeaker or headphones. I/Q data streaming to internal SSD, external data media or via Ethernet (Vita 49)

Four switchable inputs allow connection of antennas with different frequency ranges or directional characteristics, for example.





The continuous real time persistence view of the SignalShark shows every change in a signal with pixel accuracy. Even hidden signals can be detected with this.
100% POI signals > 3.125 μs


Meets all the applicable ITU requirements and recommendations. Detects even the smallest signals in the presence of strong carrier signals (HDR)

Signal Analyzer for Detection, Analysis, Classification and Localization of RF Signals between 8 kHz and 8 GHz. Applicable for mobile and stationary use. It supports Narda directional and full automatic direction finding antennas.

  • Extremely high Scan-Rate up to 50 GHz/s
  • 40 MHz Real-Time instantaneous bandwidth
  • High Time Resolution Spectrogram
  • Powerful, live persistence spectrum to find hidden signals
  • Full automatic Direction Finding
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Receiver


Included in delivery:

  • SignalShark Basic Unit
  • 40 MHz real-time Spectrum, Marker and Peak Table
  • 2x Battery Pack, Rechargeable
  • Power Supply 12VDC, 5.5A, 100V-240VAC, plug
  • Touch pen for resistive touch screen
  • USB Stick: Software and Manuals
  • Safety Instructions
  • Quick Start Guide

YouTube Videosopen

SignalShark - Seven Senses for Signals

SignalShark - Features

Test Narda SignalShark vs. Anritsu, Spectrum Master vs. R&S, PR100/DDF007 vs. Tektronix, H500/H600

Detectors and Traces in Spectrum Mode

Basic use of SignalShark

SignalShark - Zoom in - Zoom out

NEW: SignalShark and ADFA Training (Basic Module)

Target group: Beginners and advanced in the fields of radio reception technology, radio direction finding, interference finding, spectrum and signal analysis.

Objective: To build up and expand theoretical knowledge in the field of radio signal measurement and to broaden practical experience with a wide range of practice-oriented measurement exercises.

Dates 2024:
Tuesday 24th to Thursday 26th September 2024
3 Day Seminar in Pfullingen

We can also run these trainings for you at your own location. Please contact us for more information about this.

>> here to the flyer

Product descriptionopen

Like a Shark, that highly efficient hunter in the ocean, Narda SignalShark derives its success in measurement from the interplay of its highly developed senses. Its 40 MHz real-time bandwidth captures the spectrum of even very short-pulsed signals > 3.125 µs with a POI of 100 %. This guarantees a consistent awareness of all spectrum events.  Due to its distinguished analysis functions as real-time spectrum, spectrogram and persistence, measured signals are analyzed with a very high frequency and time resolution.
More and more devices have to share the available frequency ranges because of the rapid development in new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), machine-to-machine (M2M) or car-to-car (C2C) communications and expanding 4G/5G mobile networks. Whether making a wideband measurement of an entire frequency range, detecting hidden signals, reliably capturing very short impulses or localizing interference signals, SignalShark provides comprehensive measurement solutions for the increasingly complex RF spectrum. 

In combination with the manual and automatic antennas, the SignalShark is perfectly suited for the direction finding of radiated signals "Angle of Arrival" AoA, the localization of emitters by triangulation or the heat map and "Homing", the search for interference in the immediate vicinity. In addition, the SignalShark supports localization according to the TDOA principle.

The following software options are available:

  • Option, Spectrogram
    Visual representation of the recorded spectrums versus time. Colors represent the signal level. The smallest selectable time resolution is 31.25 μs. Detectors compress the high-speed real-time spectrums down to the selected time resolution.
  • Option, Level Meter incl. Compass values
    Shows the results from an independent receiver path with channel filter
  • Option, Automatic DF Antenna Control, Bearing View
    Shows azimuth, elevation, DF quality, and omnidirectional RMS level derived from the Narda automatic DF antenna (ADFA).
  • Option, Horizontal Scan
    Automatic direction finding of a signal source (Narda directional antenna needed)
  • Option, SCPI Remote Control --> This allows the Narda Script Launcher to be installed.
  • Option, VITA 49
    Shows the basic measurement parameter settings while streaming I/Q data according to the Vita 49 standard.
  • Option, Analog Demodulation

Horizontal Scan: Automatic direction finding of a signal source (Narda directional antenna needed):

  • Polar diagram with information on the field distribution and indication of direction towards the signal source for recognition of reflections and common channel interference
  • Numerical display of level, azimuth (angle from North), elevation (angle above horizon) and polarization
  • Extremely steep channel filters for clean separation of even closely spaced frequencies
  • Demodulation of USB, LSB, AM and FM with facility for recording

Designed and manufactured in Germany



Frequency range:
8 kHz to 8 GHz
Real-Time instantaneous bandwidth:
40 MHz
Operating temperature:
-10° to +55°
Operating time on batteries:
3 hours (nominal), battery pack is hot swappable
231 mm × 333 mm ×85 mm (9.09ʺ × 13.11ʺ × 3.35ʺ)
Weight (basic unit including battery)
3,8 kg
Scan Rate:
> 50 GHz/s @ RBW = 1.6 MHz
Full Span:
Scan rate (basic unit, full span) 30 GHz/s (typ.) @ RBW = 100 kHz

Available Driver Softwareopen

Following companies extend the application areas of SignalShark by connecting their system and software solutions through appropriate driver development.  
Please be aware that some software test suits may be subject to US or EU export control. It will be your responsibility to comply with all applicable export control laws and regulations. For more information, please contact the manufacturer directly.

Software solutions are available for the following applications:

  • Remote Spectrum-Monitoring-Systems with distributed receivers of SignalShark family (Narda distributed receivers (SignalShark) and automatic direction finders (Narda ADFA).
    - Procitec: go2MONITOR 
    - Decodio: ReX
    - LS Telcom: CMS Central Monitoring Software
    - Combit: SIMon
    - ATDI: ICS Monitoring SRDN
  • Decoding of (digital) signals for civil and non-civil radio services with SignalShark 
    - Procitec: go2MONITOR Signal Demodulation and Decoding Software
    - Decodio: RED
    - Combit: SIMon
  • Localization using TDOA - Time Difference of Arrival with the SignalShark Family  
    - Decodio: ReX and Localizer 
    - ATDI: ICS Monitoring SRDN
  • Quality measurement of radio coverage of critical communications and broadcast, such as TETRA with the SignalShark family
    - Decodio: RED
    - ATDI: ICS Monitoring SRDN
    - KATHREIN Broadcast: KSA - Kathrein Spectrum Analyzer   
  • I/Q Recording & Analyse: with high-resolution time and frequency analysis, post-processing and streaming
    - Decodio: ReX
  • License management, spectrum monitoring and troubleshooting with the SignalShark family
    - Combit: SIMon
    - ATDI: ICS Monitoring SRDN

Drivers for further software products in preparation.
Software solutions for applications such as SatCom Monitoring are available for IDA2 and NRA-RX. 

Software and Firmwareopen

You can download available software and firmware updates for this device from the Software Updates and Firmware section 

All the information about determining the firmware version installed on your device and how to perform an update is found in the Operating Manual for your device.


Narda Script Launcher

In everyday work applications, measuring procedures may need customized adjustments. To meet also these special needs, SignalShark supports python based scripting. Narda Script Launcher allows SignalShark users to select and run scripts from within the SignalShark application.

For more information about the free Narda Script Launcher tool, see:

  • Hebei Radio Monitoring Station China
  • Homeland Security
  • Hunan Loudi Radio Monitoring Station China
  • Intelligence
  • Jilin Yanbian Radio Monitoring Station China
  • NASA (US)
  • BIPT Belgium 
  • BAKOM Switzerland
  • Bundesnetzagentur Germany
  • NMHH Hungary
  • Ministry of Communication Japan
  • Nanjing Radio Monitoring Station China
  • TE Connectivity Germany
  • ...