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SignalShark® - The Monitoring Receiver

Highly sensitive receiver that fully deserves the designation HDR (high dynamic range) thanks to its excellent intermodulation immunity.

SignalShark -
The Monitoring Receiver


Very low 2nd and 3rd order intermodulation thanks to the sub octave preselector and high immunity to large signals.

Two digital down converters (DDCs), ideal for simultaneous measurement and demodulation.  Built in demodulators allow you to listen in via loudspeaker or headphones. I/Q data streaming to internal SSD, external data media or via Ethernet (Vita 49)

Four switchable inputs allow connection of antennas with different frequency ranges or directional characteristics, for example.





The continuous real time persistence view of the SignalShark shows every change in a signal with pixel accuracy. Even hidden signals can be detected with this.
100% POI signals > 3.125 μs


Meets all the applicable ITU requirements and recommendations. Detects even the smallest signals in the presence of strong carrier signals (HDR)