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Narda FieldMan – The smart future of field strength measurement

Narda has opened the door to the future of electromagnetic field measurements with the FieldMan. And the future is smart. Just one handy, intuitive, easy to use instrument with its various digital probes is all that is needed for reliable isotropic field measurements from 0 Hz (DC) up to an unrivalled 90 GHz.


New 5G FR2 downconverter antennas for Narda’s SRM-3006

Narda Safety Test Solutions has developed two new 5G antennas for its SRM-3006 that enable this tried and tested handheld field strength measuring system to measure the upper 5G frequency band FR2. One omnidirectional and one directional downconverter antenna will now capture electromagnetic fields and their sources in the range between 24.25 and 29.50 GHz. Both antennas can downconvert these high 5G frequencies so that they can be measured by the Narda Selective Radiation Meter.


Narda’s SignalShark with new functions for broadband mobile signal monitoring and real time analysis

Narda Safety Test Solutions has extended the spectrum of applications for its SignalShark with functions for broadband mobile signal monitoring and real time analysis. The precursor to this development was the decision made by the RF measurement technology specialist to collaborate with PROCITEC, the industry leader for software-based signal processing. The aim of this wholly German technology partnership was to create a perfect mobile monitoring and real time analysis system for land, sea, and air-based wireless communication systems.


Narda’s SignalShark range now ideal for radio monitoring and TDOA/AOA direction-finding

The successful SignalShark family from Narda Safety Test Solutions now has powerful support in handling the many challenges involved in effective radio monitoring and direction finding of interference signals.


Narda’s new Outdoor Unit: SignalShark qualities for outdoor applications

Pfullingen, Germany, 19th January 2021 – Narda Safety Test Solutions introduces the latest addition to the successful SignalShark family. Following on from the Handheld Analyzer and the Remote Unit, the new Real Time Outdoor Remote Analyzer closes the last remaining gap in applications.


5G NR EMF measurements – Narda STS is ready

Pfullingen, Germany, 10th November 2020 – Good news for all users of the Selective Radiation Meter SRM-3006 from Narda Safety Test Solutions. Looking at the new requirements for 5G NR, mobile network operators, organizations, private measurement service providers, and public authorities can also use their tried and tested 9 kHz to 6 GHz SRM-3006 for code-selective measurements of 5G signals.


Narda STS – A “hidden champion” turns 20

Pfullingen, Germany, August 6, 2020 – When a classic “hidden champion” celebrates its 20th birthday, that is surely a good time to take a quiet look back over its successful record — even for those insiders in the field who are really in the know. Many of the significant milestones in this now two decades old history have taken place out of sight, as the definition of “hidden champion” suggests.


Narda RadMan 2 – Premium safety 2.0 in electromagnetic fields

Pfullingen, Germany, 17th June 2020 – One year ago, the EMF safety experts at Narda STS presented the new RadMan 2, the successor to their two decades old all-time best selling Personal Monitor. This device was, is, and will continue to be an essential part of the personal safety equipment (PSE) of everyone who needs to work in or around electromagnetic fields (EMF).


SignalShark Open Platform – High Performance Analyzer Without Limits

Pfullingen, Germany, 16th April 2020 – The SignalShark Real Time Spectrum Analyzer from Narda Safety Test Solutions is designed to be an open platform.


ADFA 2 – Precise and reliable automatic localization of signals between 10 MHz and 8 GHz

Pfullingen, Germany, January 14, 2020 – With the ADFA 2, Narda Safety Test Solutions present their second automatic direction finding antenna. The RF measurement specialists have increased the frequency range in this automatic DF antenna by more than three times.