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Narda STS – A “hidden champion” turns 20

Pfullingen, Germany, August 6, 2020 – When a classic “hidden champion” celebrates its 20th birthday, that is surely a good time to take a quiet look back over its successful record — even for those insiders in the field who are really in the know. Many of the significant milestones in this now two decades old history have taken place out of sight, as the definition of “hidden champion” suggests.


Narda RadMan 2 – Premium safety 2.0 in electromagnetic fields

Pfullingen, Germany, 17th June 2020 – One year ago, the EMF safety experts at Narda STS presented the new RadMan 2, the successor to their two decades old all-time best selling Personal Monitor. This device was, is, and will continue to be an essential part of the personal safety equipment (PSE) of everyone who needs to work in or around electromagnetic fields (EMF).


SignalShark Open Platform – High Performance Analyzer Without Limits

Pfullingen, Germany, 16th April 2020 – The SignalShark Real Time Spectrum Analyzer from Narda Safety Test Solutions is designed to be an open platform.


ADFA 2 – Precise and reliable automatic localization of signals between 10 MHz and 8 GHz

Pfullingen, Germany, January 14, 2020 – With the ADFA 2, Narda Safety Test Solutions present their second automatic direction finding antenna. The RF measurement specialists have increased the frequency range in this automatic DF antenna by more than three times.


Narda STS launches EMF 5G info campaign – find out what it’s all about, from the experts

Pfullingen, Germany, November 26, 2019 – Narda Safety Test Solutions has begun a concerted EMF information campaign centered on the hot topic of 5G. The RF test and measurement specialist will supply industry stakeholders such as mobile network providers, test and measurement service providers or authorities with all the information they need about safety and measurement aspects of this new mobile technology standard.


L3Harris Technologies’ Narda Safety Test Solutions Publishes New Training Guide for Field Personnel in High Frequency EMF Occupations


L3Harris Technologies’ Narda Safety Test Solutions Introduces New Radio Frequency Health and Safety Monitoring Device

Pfullingen, Germany, Oct. 31th, 2019 - L3Harris Technologies (NYSE:LHX) Narda Safety Test Solutions has announced its next-generation personal monitoring device for radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic radiation – RadMan 2.


Measuring RF Electromagnetic Fields” – the EMF professional’s guide to getting the best out of the SRM

Pfullingen, Germany, October 2, 2019 – This exceptional practical handbook about field strength measurement provides a broad range of users with access to the exclusive knowhow provided by Narda Safety Test Solutions in their training programs and seminars on handling the SRM-3006.


The new RadMan 2 – simply activate to work safely in electromagnetic fields.

Pfullingen, April 17, 2019 – Anyone working in or near high intensity electromagnetic fields (EMF), such as radar antennas, broadcast transmitters, or cellular base stations, must be able to control their exposure from EMF/RF Radiation emitted from these RF transmitters.
The best way to control exposure from potentially dangerous RF Radiation is a wearable RF monitor or Personal safety equipment (PSE) which produces a warning when critical EMF/RF values are close to or have exceeded the limit for human and safety. Narda Safety Test Solutions has now developed the RadMan 2 for complex monitoring of current and future 5G and millimeter wave technologies. This small, handy device is worn on the body to provide instantaneous and reliable indication of the impermissibly high levels of exposure to electromagnetic radiation like no other device of its type.


Narda STS develops powerful Real-Time Remote Analyzer based on the SignalShark

Pfullingen, Germany, January 23, 2019 – Narda Safety Test Solutions has just released an equivalent remote-controlled version of its SignalShark at an attractive price/performance ratio. This new Real-Time Remote Analyzer detects and analyzes, classifies and localizes RF signals in the frequency range between 8 kHz and 8 GHz to the highest degree of precision and reliability. It has been modified and optimized for universal applications requiring efficient, centrally-controlled monitoring of systems, the components of which may be widely spaced and spread out over a large area. The module solves complex measurement and analysis problems, thanks to its high RF performance (i.e. super sensitivity, yet with high immunity to overmodulation), ITU compliance, reliability, and speed.