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Direction-finding in seconds, stable results – Narda develops automatic DF antenna

Pfullingen, Germany, November 29, 2018 – The engineers at Narda Safety Test Solutions have successfully developed an automatic direction-finding antenna (ADFA) that delivers incomparably stable results extremely quickly. Highly insensitive to reflections, it precisely and reliably determines the direction of a detected signal. When coupled with the powerful SignalShark real-time receiver, the long list of advantages to Narda’s ADFA 1 make it into the ideal system for automatic direction-finding of signals in the frequency range from 200 MHz to 2.7 GHz.


Handheld spectrum analyzers – Narda’s SignalShark impressive in direct comparison test

Pfullingen, November, 13 2018 – How do the best currently-available handheld spectrum analyzers and radio frequency receivers match up in a direct comparison test? In a fair, neutral contest under similar conditions?


EMF safety offensive – Attractive measuring device packages from Narda

Pfullingen (Germany), October 4, 2018 - Narda Safety Test Solutions has put together two powerful measuring equipment packages for reliable safety measurements in electromagnetic fields (EMF) that are really special in many respects. Flexible, yet tailor-made for practically any application or requirement; one targeted specifically for environmental protection and the other especially for health and safety at work. Both utilize the practical advantages of the highest technological standards.


SignalShark – Tracks down hidden interference with its top grade dynamic range.

Narda Safety Test Solutions presents the SignalShark, the ideal monitoring receiver. Powerful, portable and versatile, and eminently suitable for upcoming requirements for both mobile and fixed applications, it perfectly combines minimal noise with high intermodulation immunity.


Narda: Standards-compliant EMF measurement solutions from 0 Hz to 90 GHz – planning security for the future with 5G reserves

Standards-compliant EMF measurement solutions (for electrical and magnetic fields) from Narda STS ensure customers are fully equipped for the future – including 5G. With outstanding flexibility and suitable for virtually all applications – especially in the frequency range above 6 GHz – users of the NBM-550 field strength meter can enjoy the benefits of tomorrow’s advanced technology today.


Unrivaled precision to perfection – more applications for the popular SRM-3006 from Narda STS with the LTE-TDD option

Following UMTS and LTE-FDD, the SRM-3006 can now drill down into LTE-TDD signals and clearly identify the source.


40 MHz real time handheld Spectrum Analyzer – the lab in your hand

If you need to quickly detect and reliably localize hidden, sporadic or brief interference signals on the move within the more and more tightly packed frequency bands, you need the SignalShark


External RF filters for signal analysis on the go with the IDA 2

Protection from overmodulation effects in highly dynamic measurement environments


Reliably capture the diverse range of signals in the modern RF spectrum

Mobile networks, IoT, M2M and C2C communications – Be prepared for current and future challenges in the high frequency spectrum


Feeling safe in EMF pollution

The Area Monitors from Narda STS deliver the proof wherever it is necessary to show that limit values for electromagnetic fields are being adhered to without compromise – reliably, transparently, 24/7