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EHP-TS, the control, display and evaluation software for EHP-50 and EHP-200, runs on every Windows based PC, notebook or UMPC. It turns the EHP-50 and EHP-200 into ideal solutions for precision on site spectrum analysis. Optical cables allow a separation of up to 40 m between the analyzer and the PC; distances of up to 80 m are possible if the opto/electric converter 8053-OC (option) is used.

A user friendly menu structure simplifies all parameter settings; changes are seen in the spectrum immediately. The spectrums for the electric and magnetic field strengths can be displayed simultaneously and evaluated using markers. The wideband field measurement value is calculated with reference to the displayed frequency band. The ICNIRP limit values are already stored, and user defined limit values can be programmed in. EHP-TS displays the results in various units, including as a percentage of the limit value. Results can be exported to spreadsheet or word processor applications.

The power density is often calculated only using the electric field strength. This is only permissible in the far field, though. In contrast, EHP-TS in "Dual" mode displays the result of a real measurement of the electric and magnetic field strengths, which therefore applies to both the near and far fields. Even at low frequencies with extensive near fields, this allows you to assess the safety of the workplace with minimum fuss and high reliability, for example.

EHP-200 TS

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Latest version : 2.07
Publication date : 02-2022
Latest version : 2.14
Publication date : 05-2022