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SignalShark® - The analyzer for tracing and interference hunting

The SignalShark fits the bill, whether you need 24/7 monitoring, a vehicle mounted mobile unit with automatic antennas, or a handheld device with manual antennas for tracing interference indoors.

SignalShark -
The analyzer for tracing and interference hunting


The automatic DF antenna enables the SignalShark to home in on a detected signal in seconds. ADFA 1: 200 MHz – 2.7 GHz. ADFA 2: 10 MHz - 8 GHz


The SignalShark analyzes and evaluates the recorded signal on the basis of various classification criteria to help you decide the relevance of the signal.





Thanks to its high signal sensitivity, the SignalShark can detect, sort, and demodulate even the very distant signals. Two DDCs enable simultaneous measurement and demodulation.


Four switchable inputs allow connection of antennas with different frequency ranges or directional characteristics, for example.