Narda - Safety Test Solutions


The identification of signals emanating from illegal sources or potential interferers within tightly packed radio spectra is the first task. How this problem is solved determines the subsequent course of action: The more certain the detection, the smaller the effort needed for analysis and localization .


  • Rapid overview of the entire spectrum
  • High measurement speed at 12 GHz/s gives a fast scan over the entire band at full resolution
  • Resolution bandwidths from 10 Hz to 20 MHz
  • Extremely low noise down to -30 dBµV/m for detecting low power devices when combined with Narda directional antennas
  • Reference level settable in 1 dB steps for detecting "real" signals


  • Display for long term monitoring of the RF spectrum
  • Simultaneous display of +Peak, -Peak and RMS traces possible
  • Time resolution down to 1 µs (HiRes Spectrogram Zoom)

Persistence spectrum

  • Different colors indicate how often a given measured value occurs
  • Interferers and impairments hidden under useful signal are revealed at a glance



  • Sophisticated analysis of measurement results with magnifier and marker functions

Delta spectrum


  • Reference spectrum storage with display of current deviations as delta spectrum

Suitable devices