Narda - Safety Test Solutions


Once you have identified the potentially suspect signals, they need to be analyzed to find out exactly which one or other source is actually illegal or spurious.

Time domain (Scope)

Detailed signal analysis in the time domain:

  • Best resolution of 32 ns for analyzing high speed data communications and pulsed signals such as interference signals, bursts or radar signals (High Resolution Scope)
  • Long term monitoring with graphical display of time response for up to 24 hours (Long Time Scope)
  • Various triggers for reliable signal capture

IQ Analyzer

  • Recording of I/Q data for producing high resolution spectrograms, persistence spectrums and time domain displays without external computations
  • One shot or continuous storage of I/Q data without compression or reduction
  • As a result, frequency and time scales can be zoomed down to the original resolution
  • Evaluation on the spot or later on a PC

More about I/Q data in the IDA 2

Multi-Channel Power

Rapid channel display:

> Up to 500 freely selectable channels

> Resolution bandwith definable for each channel separately

> Simultaneous display of maximum, average and minimum values for immediate distinction between permanent and sporadic signals

Level Meter

Targeted monitoring of a specific frequency:

  • Simultaneous display of peak and RMS values
  • Numerical display of level, and bar graph for rapid detection of values, including of pulses
  • Bandwidth up to 32 MHz for detection wideband signals
  • Extremely steep channel filters for clean separation of even closely spaced frequencies
  • Demodulation of USB, LSB, AM and FM with recording facilities

Suitable devices