Narda - Safety Test Solutions
  • Selective level measurement (zero span operation at a selectable tuning frequency)
  • Channel bandwidth CBW (-6 dB nominal) 100 Hz to 32 MHz
  • Video bandwidth (VBW) 0.01 Hz to 32 MHz or OFF
  • Steep cutoff channel filters

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Level Meter mode enables selective measurements at a specific frequency (Fcent), e.g. for monitoring a particular channel (zero span operation). The channel bandwidth for this can be set in the range 100 Hz to 32 MHz. Steep cutoff filters enable precise separation of adjacent channels. Peak (for brief, pulsed signals) and RMS (for variable signals) detector values are shown simultaneously. Measurements in Level Meter mode are always without gaps or interruptions. Analog modulated signals such as FM, AM, CW, LSB and USB can also be demodulated and monitored via headphones.

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