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IDA-3106 固件


You need IDA Tools to be able to use the new features of firmware.

All the information about determining the firmware version installed on your device and how to perform an update is found in the Operating Manual for your device.

IDA 2 Firmware

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Latest version : 3.1.2
Publication date : 12-2021

Narda Map Tools

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Latest version : 2.1.1
Publication date : 03-2022

IDA Tools considerably enhances the potential of the IDA. Using this software, you can upload measurement data, create instrument configurations, activate options, and install updates.

Latest version : 2.0.0
Publication date : 04-2014

Demo & Utility Programs

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Latest version : 2.0.2
Publication date : 03-2022

USB-Treiber IDA/NRA (in IDA Tools enthalten)

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Latest version :
Publication date : 04-2013