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Workshops/Trainings on-site

Narda regularly offers individual workshops/trainings in German or English language.

Field strength measurements at 5G base stations with the SRM-3006

NEW: 5G Workshop (1 day)

Workshop Content:
The workshop will focus on the correct determination of the maximum high-frequency fields generated by 5G base stations at an immission location (more information see in the flyer).

Next date to be announced. This workshop can also be booked at your location.  

Lecture language is English!

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On-site trainings

Exposure measurements on RF transmitters with the SRM-3006

Our training course "Exposure measurements on RF transmitters with the SRM-3006" is directed at beginners, advanced learners and professional users in the field of selective measurement of electromagnetic fields, as well as theorists and practitioners. It is also ideal for users and interested persons wanting to make the most of application specific use of the SRM.

Consolidation and improvement of theoretical knowledge in the field of high frequency measurements, and expansion of practical experience through a wide range of practical measurement exercises.

Training contents:
Fundamentals of field strength measurement, introduction to SRM and the SRM-TS software, theoretical and practical application measurement exercises and practical use of the SRM-TS software.

For the first time with introduction to the challenges for immission measurements on 5G transmitters.

Monday, 16th – Wednesday, 18th October 2023 in Pfullingen (Registration deadline is Friday, 15 September 2023)
(3 Day Seminar)

We can also run these trainings for you at your own location. Please contact us for more information about this.

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NEW: SignalShark and ADFA Training (Basic Module)

Target group: Beginners and advanced in the fields of radio reception technology, radio direction finding, interference finding, spectrum and signal analysis.

Objective: To build up and expand theoretical knowledge in the field of radio signal measurement and to broaden practical experience with a wide range of practice-oriented measurement exercises.

Tuesday 24th to Thursday 26th October 2023 in Pfullingen
(3-day seminar)

We can also run these trainings for you at your own location. Please contact us for more information about this.

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Seminar by FGEU: Field Simulation - Ergonomic application of WinField software (EFC-400)

EFC-400 is a quasi industrial standard for computing and simulating electric and magnetic fields.

EFC-400 calculates electromagnetic fields using a practically unlimited number of network elements such as conductors, line segments, buildings, and antennas. The software features fast computing speed, ease of use, and efficiency. Users can create all the needed network elements themselves or import them. The software puts all the elements together with the simulation result in an easily interpreted graphic Display.

Seminar Contents of seminar held by FGEU Berlin:

Theory of field computation, explanation of the basic software functions, application in exercise examples, concrete examples application cases of the participants

Seminar duration: 1 day in Berlin 

Dates 2023:
March 31, 2023
June 9, 2023
September 22, 2023
November 17, 2023

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Dates 2024:
March 22, 2024
June 7, 2024
September 20, 2024
November 15, 2024

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