Narda - Safety Test Solutions

NRA Scope and I/Q Data

  • Selective level measurement (zero span operation at a selectable tuning frequency) with quadrature demodulation and high resolution analysis in the time domain
  • Channel bandwidth CBW (-6 dB nominal) 100 Hz to 32 MHz
  • Video bandwidth (VBW) 0.01 Hz to 32 MHz or OFF
  • Steep cutoff channel filters
  • I/Q data in Scope mode
  • I/Q stream gapless from 100 Hz to 400 kHz

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Product descriptionopen

Most signals can easily be classified in the time domain by analyzing the RF power versus time. For this purpose, NRA offers oscilloscope display of the signal by means of zero span operation at a selectable tuning frequency. With its excellent time resolution (32 ns) and comprehensive triggers, this operating mode is a very powerful tool. Selectable bandwidths from 100 Hz to 32 MHz support display of fast burst signals as well as monitoring the power of carrier signals over an entire day. You can see how a signal is modulated or determine the timing of a data signal in Scope mode. I/Q data Completely describe the RF signals. The I/Q demodulated data from the NRA enable reconstruction of the signal for further processing or more in-depth analysis. Gapless data stream transmission is supported for bandwidths up to 400 kHz. Bandwidths of up to 32 MHz can be transmitted block by block.