Narda - Safety Test Solutions
  • Spectrum analysis with subsequent evaluation of channel power
  • 1 to 500 channels can be specified in a channel list
  • Channel bandwidth (CBW) selectable for each channel separately from 40 Hz to 6 GHz (-3 dB nom.)
  • Roll-off factor < 4 * RBW / CBW

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MCP mode is particularly suitable for obtaining a rapid overview of certain frequency bands or channels. You can define channel tables with up to 500 freely selectable channels, individually assigned channel bandwidths and channel names. Simultaneous display of maximum (Max), average (Avg) and minimum (Min) values enables instant distinction between permanent and sporadic signals. This mode can be used in Spectrum Monitoring for violation detection, for example. Entire frequency bands can be defined as channels, and if signals occur in these bands, they are immediately visible.

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