EMC Solutions from Narda Safety Test Solutions S.r.l. Italy (PMM)

The PMM brand of EMC instruments consists of devices for measuring the electromagnetic compatibility of equipment.

A/D Probe Converter in connection with the FieldMan field meter

With the A/D Probe Converter it is possible to use NBM probes in conjunction with the FieldMan. The A/D Probe Converter is connected as an interface between the probe and the FieldMan.

Trade in your old broadband meter and get the new FieldMan!

Return your old products and get many advantages now! Who is eligible? Users of NBM-550, EFA, EMR, 8053 meters and some competitor products can modernize their equipment by taking part in the trade-in program.

EFC-400 Release – new Libraries and Functions

EFC-400 is a quasi industrial standard for computing and simulating electric and magnetic fields. EFC-400 calculates electromagnetic fields using a practically unlimited number of network elements such as conductors, line segments, buildings, and antennas.