Narda - Safety Test Solutions

Remote Analyzer with receiver characteristics

Second generation of the NRA Analyzer family from Narda Safety Test Solutions with new RF module


IDA 2 detects signals under signals

Second generation Interference and Direction Analyzer from Narda Safety Test Solutions provides persistence spectrums from a handy device weighing only 3 kg.


IDA 2 - New hand held direction finder with I/Q analysis

IDA 2, the new generation of the Interference and Direction Analyzer from Narda Safety Test Solutions,
analyzes I/Q data directly on site


Accredited calibration of field strength meters

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Remote Spectrum Analyzer now ready for spectrum monitoring and signal identification

Real time streaming of uninterrupted I/Q data / Spectrum analysis with over 600,000 bins


Directional antenna for interference searches down to the long wave range

New loop antenna extends the range of applications for the Interference and Direction Analyzer IDA-3106 right down to 9 kHz.


Industrial equipment: Standard compliant measurement of electric and magnetic fields

The Narda Industrial Field Meters NIM-511 and NIM-513 measure the radiation emissions of equipment operating at industrial frequencies


Monitor for electromagnetic fields

The Narda Broadband Radiation Meter NBM-580
combines several measuring stations into an
area coverage monitoring system


IDA locates pulsed signals

Interference and Direction Analyzer IDA 3106 now also locates pulsed signals.
Spectrogram display visualizes time characteristics.


SRM-3006 from Narda Safety Test Solutions now with LTE option

Selective measurement of electromagnetic fields from LTE mobile communications antennas