Narda - Safety Test Solutions

External RF filters for signal analysis on the go with the IDA 2

Protection from overmodulation effects in highly dynamic measurement environments


Reliably capture the diverse range of signals in the modern RF spectrum

Mobile networks, IoT, M2M and C2C communications – Be prepared for current and future challenges in the high frequency spectrum


Feeling safe in EMF pollution

The Area Monitors from Narda STS deliver the proof wherever it is necessary to show that limit values for electromagnetic fields are being adhered to without compromise – reliably, transparently, 24/7


EMF Directive – Workplace health and safety in electromagnetic fields

Measurement solutions from Narda Safety Test Solutions give certainty in the workplace over the whole bandwidth conforming to Directive 2013/35/EU – simple, quick, and reliable


Frequency selective Area Monitor conforming to ITU-T K.83

New measuring station from Narda Safety Test Solutions monitors electromagnetic fields in freely definable frequency bands.


Recognize radio interference at a glance

Narda Safety Test Solutions is releasing its private “Signal Guide” for use free of charge. This database contains typical measurement result images for many RF signals, which can be considered as the “fingerprints” of the different signals. By comparing your own result images with the database images, you can distinguish the pure signals from interference and impairments.


IDA 2 also reveals interference and hidden transmitters that use frequency hopping

High-resolution time axis spectrograms provide new opportunities for clarifying wireless signals.


New FFT analyzer for low frequency electromagnetic fields

EHP-50F from Narda Safety Test Solutions meets the requirements of the European EMF Directive


Electromagnetic area monitoring complying with ITU-T K.83

New Area Monitors from Narda Safety Test Solutions simplify wide-area measurement data collection.


Remote Analyzer with system antennas

NRA RX analyzers from Narda Safety Test Solutions make direct field strength measurements