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SRM-3006: How do you make a selective measurement based on the ICNIRP standard?

“We’ve just measured 1.693 nanowatts per square centimeter (nW/cm²) at 946 MHz!” Sounds pretty dangerous. But, is it really? The Narda SRM has the ICNIRP standard stored in memory. When you activate it and switch the display to “%”, the device converts the result so that everybody can understand it:

0.00425% of the limit value.

Nothing to worry about, then. And the SRM also takes account of the fact that the limit value varies according to the frequency.

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>> We offer a seminar on “Exposure measurements on radio transmitting equipment using the SRM-3006” which is aimed at beginners, more advanced, and professional users of selective measuring equipment. You can find details of our seminars here or you can ask your local Narda sales partner for individual arrangements.