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SignalShark Script Launcher: Narda has a new zoological species

The SignalShark draws its name from the animal kingdom. Well, now we’re mating this fish with a member of the snake family. Result: The shark now has Python on board. Python isn’t just a name for a kind of snake. It’s also a programming language. This language is in response to a demand to promote an easily readable and brief programming style. The Narda Script Launcher, which is now available for download free of charge from the Narda website, turns programing the SignalShark into child’s play. Once installed on the SignalShark, it allows you to select and run scripts directly from the SignalShark application. The Narda Script Launcher is a useful tool even if you don’t create your own scripts. A number of scripts that can be used directly are available on the Narda website for download. These will be continuously updated.

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