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SignalShark: A development in the right direction!

The fight for spectrum bandwidth is getting more intense. Everyone wants more: bandwidth, services, subscribers. The more crowded the frequency spectrum, the greater the importance of keeping everything crystal clear. Spurious signals and interference must be eliminated.

As well as for commercial services, the available spectrum is also used to everyone’s benefit for vital radio links for security and rescue services, such as the police, fire brigade, border security, and so on. All of these services will tell you how important secure communications are for them. On the other hand, the advent of Industry 4.0 has suddenly added production processes to the wireless mix. And no company is happy if for the sake of safety their production line is halted because of radio frequency interference.

When such interference does occur, quick action is needed. After all, time is money, or the difference between life and death for the emergency services. Localizing such interference reliably and quickly is what the new Automatic Direction Finding Antenna ADFA 1 from Narda does best.

When combined with the Handheld Receiver SignalShark 3310 or its rack mount variant 3320 it forms Narda’s most effective solution to immediate localization of interference.

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