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ADFA 1: Now you don’t need the Star of Bethlehem to show you the way

Presumably, you are not one of the three wise men of old. But you do want to find what you are looking for, yet wisely do not want to wait for a sign from heaven.

If you are concerned with tracing interference, there’s a new star shining for you above that will point you in the right direction:

Automatic Direction-Finding Antenna ADFA 1.

Certainly not as spectacular as the Star of Bethlehem; rather, it is small and compact. Combined with the Narda Receiver SignalShark, the only shark that is at home anywhere, even in a desert, when it comes to hunting down interference signals, it is the ideal setup for finding the right direction. Unfortunately, we have no experience of installing the ADFA on the back of a camel, but it is easy to fit on the roof of a car. Anyway, looking for interference when sitting on a camel’s back probably isn’t the way you would do it. We’d be happy to come and visit you to demonstrate the ADFA and SignalShark. Just make sure there’s some hay and water ready for us.

If you want to get to Bethlehem: GMS N 31° 42' 15.444'' E 35° 12' 30.132''

If you want the quickest way to the SignalShark and ADFA, click here.

If you are interested in a demonstration of these or any other Narda products, contact your Narda sales partner.