Narda - Safety Test Solutions
  • Complies with ITU-T K.113
  • Interchangeable probes from 10 Hz up to 7 GHz
  • Multiband probes for telecommunication monitoring
  • Internal GPS synchronized with the measurement values
  • Standard GPS exchange file format (.gpx)
  • Easy installation on the roof of each vehicle with the help of the magnetic base
  • EMFGPS mapper program for a detailed post-process
  • Possibility to see live results on a laptop via a fiber optic connection
  • Integrated Wi-Fi for easy data exchange

    Ask your reseller for sets suitable for your application.

    Suitable basic unit


    Frequency range:
    10 Hz to 40 GHz
    Vehicle speed:
    0 to 60 km/h
    Magnetic mounting kit for vehicle
    Less than 3 kg

    Product descriptionopen

    The car kit allows you to quickly monitor large areas by moving in the car. The data thus obtained can be crossed with the GPS coordinates, finding in this way areas that need more detailed monitoring. Data can also be read directly with a fiber optic connection between the control unit and a laptop in the car. The magnetic base allows a fast and safe installation on the roof of any car.

    Product Literatureopen

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