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SignalShark - High Dynamic Range HDR, what is it?

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has described its ideal receiver in the Spectrum Monitoring Handbook: minimal noise and high intermodulation immunity, expressed as the three parameters DANL, IP2 and IP3. It sounds simple, but it isn’t that easy to achieve. Test equipment manufacturers can tell you all about that. A normal handheld spectrum analyzer cannot by any means match the values specified by ITU. Much more is needed, preferably by including a sub-octave pre-selector filter that protects the mixer from undesirable signals, for example. By comparing the DANL, IP2 and IP3 to the ITU values in a simple diagram, the difference between a good receiver like the SignalShark from Narda and a general-purpose spectrum analyzer quickly becomes apparent:

Well? Does that intrigue you? You can find out how effectively the new SignalShark can support you in future with all your measurement tasks at:

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Electromagnetic fields

These and similar questions are asked time and again by anyone concerned with or interested in the topic of safety in electromagnetic fields. Know all the answers? Or is there somewhere you can find them easily, put simply and without bias? Why not use the established know how of Narda’s HF specialists when you need to answer sensitive questions on the subject of safety in electromagnetic fields (EMF). You can download the brochure: “Everything you always wanted to know… Safety in electric magnetic and electromagnetic fields – Basic facts“? --> brochure


The difference is too big for a normal measuring instrument, that’s for sure. The earth’s static magnetic field is around 40µT, but a nuclear magnetic resonance tomograph can easily generate between 1 and 7 Tesla. That’s around ten to the power of five times as much, or 100 dB in telecommunications engineer’s language. Even if you only have to measure the static fields of your local MRT for health and safety or environmental protection, and you never want to say “I can’t measure that”, take a look at the HP-01 from Narda. It can measure all three types of field, isotropically and in accordance with the standards. No such thing as “can’t do”. More information from: --> HP-01